Hynge.io is an innovative virtual biobank/data management platform for data from different (hybrid) sources: from self-test data to complex lab analysis to linking with existing (medical) records.

Within the platform, data is managed (where possible by the individual him/herself), converged and analysed by AI algorithms to achieve personalized health monitoring (prevention) and early detection of diseases.

What makes this platform unique in its approach, is the combination of lab and home tests and the ability to jointly analyse test results within the same (new) biobank. This combination of types of results, for short and long-term monitoring, is not yet done in this way and offers the healthcare sector new opportunities: The platform enables both doctor and the individual to be better informed about the state of the individual's health by more historical data/measurement points becoming available. The individual can, independently of time and place, test him/herself, and/or collect material (blood/urine) and is therefore not dependent on a healthcare professional. The application is centred around the individual, which also relieves the healthcare professional. This way of working enables more frequent and/or larger-scale testing at lower costs. A greater wealth of information can therefore be supplied for each euro spent on healthcare.

The aforementioned set-up also ensures that the individual is more involved in monitoring and maintaining its own health. By combining early detection with prevention, the individual receives valuable information and at the same time contributes to longer-term research into early detection of certain diseases.

The set-up works towards a 'self-reinforcing mechanism', meaning that every test that is done contributes to the value, intelligence and accuracy of the platform, making the information that can be derived more valuable to both the individual and the collective with each test added.

hynge.io is a joint initiative of hellob.io and DTACT. hynge.io is built with the unique proprietary software tools for data connection, data science, data security and neural valorisation, Dtact has developed over recent years.