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What is hellob.io?

hellob.io offers instant test results by turning the smartphone into a mobile lab. hellob.io does this by offering "real world" proven technology that digitizes color based rapid tests (water, urine, blood, saliva, plant, soil,...).

What do we offer?

  1. 1
    hellob.io improves QA for remote and/or home use

    All test activities are closely monitored and analyzed. Data by default is fully anonymous and can only be partially anonymous or fully disclosed after active consent of the owner of the data: the tested individual.

  2. 2
    hellob.io offers centralised control of the digital biobank

    All test data (default=anonymous) is entered into the digital biobank where the data can be reviewed and analyzed.

  3. 3
    hellob.io allows for an expert opinion for results

    hellob.io offers the option to involve an expert in monitoring and/or approving test results. This based on the requirements that come with a certain test for a certain biomarker. The expert is actively supported by tools that enhance the accuracy of the expert verdict.

  4. 4
    hellob.io gives a certificate of status

    All tests performed with hellob.io are digitized thus registered results. Depending on requirements, the results can be presented as 'certificates of status'.

  5. 5
    hellob.io offers greater accuracy around the breakpoints

    Result reading by the human (eye) often is influenced by human bias. hellob.io analyzes and identifies those 'bias breakpoints' and offers added guidance.

  6. 6
    hellob.io is manufacturer independent

    hellob.io is not (exclusively) connected to a test manufacturer, making it available to all manufacturers with good quality rapid tests.

  7. 7
    hellob.io considers cyber security & privacy as its core responsibility

    handling and storing data that is owned by the individual is a responsibility that is not to be underestimated. hellob.io considers cyber a core component to allow for safe deployment of the products & services we offer.

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