About us

The idea for hellob.io was born in the autumn of 2019. We started out to provide the individual with a better insight into ones health, to help to become or to stay healthy.

When the corona pandemic turned the world upside down a few months later, the importance of staying healthy became even more apparent. Next to that, gaining better insights in ones 'basic health' with tests also became more common. This does not only apply to viruses, but to all factors that can influence ones health.

The type of tests, lateral flow assays, we envisioned to be used for low threshold preventive testing turned out to be used for testing against COVID as well.

Late 2020 we started to, successfully, validate our software with the Dutch government for the use with COVID Rapid Antigen Tests.

Our chance for gaining actual field experience came in the summer of 2021 when Australian construction workers needed to be tested prior to their shift on the construction site. The positive experiences of the construction company led to also testing medical personnel, truck drivers and later on 9 different mining sites throughout Australia. Please have a look at our use case here.


Mid 2022 we decided that it was time to broaden the horizon again to include more than COVID alone. Based on the motto ‘to measure is to know’ and 'to prevent is better than to cure' we have defined other fields our rapid scanner is of value in. This means that it does not only apply to human health but also applies toe.g. animals, water and plants.

For that reason, the hellob.io rapid test scanner software is also available for other types of test ‘specimen’ than of human origin only, as long as the common ground is that the test result indication is color based and thus can be read by the rapid test scanner (if the test result is not color based, the test data can still be fed to the system through hynge.io).

An important aspect in this all is that we are of the opinion that all data, it either being personal details, medical data or any other type of data that is not intended to be public, should be treated with the utmost care. For doing so, we are closely coupled to DTACT, Cyber security and Data experts. Dtact.